Listed below is a selection of the organizations that benefit from Nosara Realty Collectives work. If you are in charge of a community project in need of funds please contact us for further information.

costasverdeslogoeditCostas Verdes is a government sanctioned not-for-profit organization whose mission is to protect and conserve Costa Rica’s coastal tree populations that act as both a crucial biological corridor for many species, and a means to preserve coastal topography.  Costas Verdes is engaged in tree planting projects all over Costa Rica, including Playa Guiones. Visit their web page here.


tortuguioneseditIn 1985 Playa Guiones was designated part of the coastal turtle refuge. Tortuguiones mission statement is the conservation and protection of the sea turtles, and the coastline habitat which sustains them. Their work involves data collection, monitoring, community outreach and education. Visit their web page here.


SIBULOGOedit.gifAs human encroachment increases into Playa Guiones native wildlife populations have paid the price. SIBU’s mission is to rescue injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals and provide them medical care, rehabilitation, and eventual release into the wild. They also run an education program and work alongside Costa Rican power companies to prevent the electrocution of howler monkeys. Visit their web page here.


img_6378Some years back this small band of local and expat volunteers grouped together to form the area’s only firefighting unit – the Bomberos. Nowadays their role has expanded, and their services, which include everything from animal rescue and relocation, coast guarding, fire fighting and much more have become an invaluable community resource. Visit their web page here.


In 2008 a group of concerned residents created the ADN (Asociación de Desechos y Reciclaje de Nosara) in order to protect and maintain the beauty and health of the community by addressing local waste issues in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Their work includes implementing sound waste management practices and community education. Visit their web page here.


ncaedit.pngIn the 40 years since it’s inception this vital community organization has played a pivotal role in shaping the policies that have established Playa Guiones as a model of responsible and sustainable development. Nowadays, the Nosara coastline remains pristine and largely untouched. Without their extensive input this would not have been the case. Visit their web page here.


untitlednosara-choolsNosara Realty Collective is committed to ensuring that the area’s rapid economic growth is beneficial for the local community, especially the young. . Although things have improved, many students  still share school supplies such as textbooks and pens. We work closely alongside local schools to assist them in procuring the things they desperately need.


Nosara refuge for wildlife has cared for injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife from Nosara and the Nicoya Peninsula for 17 years. They are certified as a rescue center by MINAE and also a government-sanctioned non-profit foundation. The Refuge is the first responder for all wildlife emergencies and although it treats all types of wild animals, howler monkeys are their specialty.

logo-adi-la-esperanza-01Esperanza is a small town on the outskirts of Playa Guiones. In english, the word “Esperanza” translates to  “Hope”. Esperanza Development Association was founded with the aim of raising funds to help Esperanza residents in areas of health, education and much more.