1. Contact us and let us know how we can help you. Do you already know the property you wish to purchase, or are you coming to Nosara and wish to be taken on property viewings by one of our realtors?
  2. After your realtor has guided you towards a successful closing they receive a standard commission, a portion of which is returned to Nosara Realty Collective. The money we receive is allocated in two ways.
  •  We return a significant portion of our brokerage fee to local organizations and community projects of the buyers choosing. For more information regarding the organizations we fund check out our “Who We Help” page.
  • We return 1% of the entire property purchase amount to the person who referred the client to us. If the client came to us of their own accord then the 1% is returned back to them upon the closure of the deal. These fees amount to approximately double the amount traditionally paid by the agencies themselves. This is an example of how referrals are calculated:
    • Home sale of $500,000
    • Negotiated commission of 5% = $25,000.
    • All local realty offices pay a standard commission fee of 10% of the commission earned from the sale. In this case that would work out to $2500. However, our referral fees are calculated at 1% of the entire home purchase price. 1% of $500,000 = $5000 – double what referrers would receive from a traditional commission.

Congratulations!! You are now the proud owner of your dream home in Nosara, and your purchase has not only potentially saved you money, but also significantly aided areas of the community most in need if your support. Pura Vida!