What is Nosara Realty Collective?

We are a no-frills real estate brokerage created in order to connect potential property buyers to Nosaras leading real estate agents. We take a part of the real estate commission, a significant portion of which is given back to the referrer, or home buyer, with the rest going towards vital community projects. Nosara Realty Collective was set up by a team of professionals who have lived and worked in Playa Guiones for many years, and are experts at negotiating the often complex terrain of the local real estate landscape. Our prime motivations for operating this business are twofold:

  1. To connect property buyers with the realty agency best suited to them.

  2. To direct funds from real estate transaction fees to community projects and organizations in desperate need of them.

Will this cost the property buyer more money?

Absolutely not. If anything the property buyer will save money. Furthermore, the buyer can take pride in knowing that in addition to making savings they have helped areas of the local community that need it most.

The property I’m interested in is not in your listings section. Can I still work with you? 

Our listings section is only there to give buyers an outline of what’s on the market. Our expansive network ensures we have access to every property available for sale in Nosara. In real terms, this actually gives us a wider portfolio than any single realty office in town. If you wish to work with us on the purchase of a property that does not appear in our listings section send us the details and/or link to your chosen property and we can take it from there. Please note that if you wish to work with us and ensure that the community receives your assistance it is essential that we are your first point of contact. This simply means that you contact us before you contact any local real estate agencies or offices.

What is a Referral Agency?

A Referral agencies services are limited to referring clients for the purposes of commencing a real estate transaction. They do not actively solicit or engage in the sale of property. We also welcome any buyer who wishes to benefit from our services by “referring” themselves, thus saving themselves money (via cash back), on the closure of any deal.

What is an example of a referral fee?

Our referral fees amount to approximately double the amount traditionally paid by the agencies themselves. This is an example of how referrals are calculated:

  • Home sale of $500,000
  • Negotiated commission of 5% = $25,000.
  • All local realty offices pay a standard commission fee of 10% of the commission they earned from the sale. In this case that would work out to  $2500. However, our referral fees are calculated at 1% of the entire home purchase price. 1% of $500,000 = $5000 – double what referrers would receive from a traditional commission.

How much of the commission fee goes back into community projects and charities?

The short answer is “a lot” of it. Due to complex arrangements between ourselves and the realtors we work with it would be inappropriate of us to publicly disclose exact amounts online. However, buyers can rest assured that the moment any deal closes they will be given a full and exact breakdown of where the money was allocated and who the beneficiaries were.

How can you afford to pay such high referral commissions or direct the remainder of the money into community projects?

Nosara Realty Collective is a brokerage service only and not a real estate agency. Although our company does retain a portion of the fees needed to cover operating costs we work primarily online, thus avoiding many of the expensive overheads such as office rental, employee salaries and utilities traditionally associated with such a business.

Which local community projects and charities benefit from this?

We currently allocate money to a range of community projects including the firefighters, schools, local wildlife protection, and conservation projects.

I am interested in buying a property in Nosara. Can I “refer” myself?

Absolutely. The money you receive back could be used to buy furniture, or refit a kitchen, or any way you choose.

You claim you have a network of the areas top real estate agents. What do you mean by network?

Our network is comprised of the top-performing realtors in Nosara, all of whom have access to the largest, most comprehensive property portfolios. They are selected on the strength of their reputations, performance, and customer satisfaction record.

Do I have to be referred to a specific agent of your choosing?

No. Nosara Realty Collective has solid relationships with every real estate office in town. If you wish to work with a specific agent, from a specific office, while still taking advantage of what we offer then this is easily arranged. However, please note that this is only the case if we are your first point of contact. If you have already formed a relationship with a local agent and later decide you wish to work through us this may not be possible.

How do I know that I can trust the caliber of your agents?

Although we have the connections to refer you to any local agent of your choosing, the agents we primarily work with have been selected on the strength of results, reputation and portfolio. All of our agents are those whom we consider to be the most reliable in the business, and have long standing records of being able to act quickly, honestly, and efficiently to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.

What if I don’t like the agents that you select for me or my clients?

Every real estate agent that we select for your clients is of the highest caliber, but we pride ourselves on finding the right fit. If we need to refine matches, we will.

I (or those I am referring) have already decided which property I (or they) wish to buy. Do you work with the agent(s) responsible for the sale of this particular property?

The simple answer is yes. Nosara Realty Collectives realtor network has been carefully structured to ensure that we have access to each and every property on the Nosara real estate market. However, this only applies if we are the first point of contact. If the desired property has been shown to you by us, or been viewed online or during a personal visit then we will link you with the agent(s) responsible for the properties sale. However if you have already viewed this property accompanied by a local realtor it would be unethical of us to proceed.

If I still have questions, can I talk to a real person?

Yes. Our support team can answer any questions or walk you through the entire process – from opening your account to tracking your client/referral’s progress. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. Send us an email with your telephone number and we will contact you immediately.

I work with a local charity in need of proceeds from your business. How do I apply?

Get in touch and we’ll take it from there.