Buying Land in Nosara – The Right Way!

 Buying Land in Nosara – The Right Way!!

Ever since Playa Guiones hit the tourism radar a few decades ago, the influx of investors looking to buy land has steadily increased. For the most part these investments have been plain sailing, and the majority of land purchases made have gone off without a hitch. Then, there’s the other “land purchases” which have been beset by problems from the moment the buyer signed on the dotted line. To make sure your land investment in Nosara remains solid for years to come check out the following guidelines:

Hire the right real estate agent
18689195-Handshake-and-successful-real-estate-transactions-Stock-VectorWhen it comes to buying land in Costa Rica, unless you’re a seasoned veteran then having the right real estate agent in your corner will be essential to negotiate the pitfalls and hurdles of a land purchase in Nosara. Luckily for you, Nosara Realty Collective is connected to the most experienced real estate agents in Nosara, all of whom are happy to put in the had work so you don’t have to.

The Law of the Land
Although the Nosara real estate landscapes lack of official zoning plans has caused problems for real estate buyers in the past, nowadays, experienced real estate agents know enough to recognize any warning signs before they present a problem. These include construction regulations, residential permits and more.

The Lay of the Land
One thing to investigate before you sign anything is the topography of the land you intend to buy. Things to be on the lookout for include soil erosion and potential drainage issues. Do you intend to build on a sloped lot, and if so will you build at the top or the bottom? If in doubt hire a topographer.

kjhjhfIn the past siutations have occurred in which individuals have bought land and built the home of their dreams, complete with sweeping panoramic views of Playa Guiones, only to discover in due course that their neighbors have every legal right to build a property in front and obscure these views. Before you sign anything instruct your lawyer to produce a “view easement” to ensure this won’t be a problem.

Clear title
Due to land disputes that date back to the eighties there are certain sections of land in Playa Guiones where the titles are disputed by one or more parties. Although this issue remains isolated to a small, select number of properties it has proven disastrous for certain buyers who mistakenly believed their ownership of this land was free and clear. Make sure your attorney conducts a thorough title check before purchasing any piece of land in Nosara.

Drop Of WaterAre power and water available at the property’s roadside, and if not is the necessary infrastructure in place to deliver these? As Nosara grows water supply issues become of increasing concern. To receive a building permit from the municipality you will need an official document from your local ASADA (water co-op) that your property is eligible to be connected to the towns water mains. It’s essential to receive confirmation that this is possible before you sign anything.

Survey documents
Ensure that the property dimensions on the registered survey map correlate precisely with the property map filed with the national registry. If in doubt, hire an independent surveyor, particularly for large properties which have not been measured for many years.
Squatters rights in Costa Rica are a complex area, and one in which a number of property investors have been burnt over in the past. Squatters have been known to enter land parcels which appear abandoned. Once they have settled, removing them can become a legal nightmare which is best avoided by taking the necessary steps when required. To avoid this issue it’s best to maintain the property, erect fences, and pay your property taxes.

Purchase Documents
title-deed-of-propertyAfter purchasing the property make sure your heirs and your attorney have both hard copies and digital copies of the following documents.
• The property deed
• Official title search
• Survey map
• Your will and testament
• The power of attorney document
• The corporation papers which your property is registered under.
• The passport or residency papers used during the property purchase.

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