Who We Help – Bomberos de Nosara

Who We Help – Bomberos de Nosara

On Saturday April 4th 2015 a forest fire broke out in the mountains of the Las Delicias area of Garza. Luckily as the blaze crept south through the small mountain communities of Los Angeles and Zaragoza the damage done to neighborhood property was minimal. However, despite the fact they had spent the last few days battling to keep the fire under control the local Bomberos knew that the real work was only just set to begin. They foresaw the direction that the prevailing winds were about to steer the flames, and observed that the surrounding terrain was a moisture free, high season tinderbox that hadn’t seen rain for months and was primed to burn fast, hard, and quick. Despite an almost 10 day battle using every tool at their disposal to fight this fire the flames continued to spread by the minute. They decided their best

Photo: Voz de Guanacaste

option was to try and prevent the flames from reaching Nosara town itself – a prospect that by April 12th looked increasingly likely as the fire reached the edge of the the road between Los Angeles and Nosara and began to spread outwards. There efforts were successful , and to cut a long story short, had it not been for the sustained efforts of the firefighters during this campaign there’s every chance that at least some of the properties in the Nosara area would not be there today. The tale outlined above recalls one example of many in which the local volunteer team of Bomberos have stepped up to counter one of the biggest threats that the town of Nosara, and the surrounding areas faces. This is a problem that Nosara residents face on an annual basis, and just because the last forest fire was thwarted does not mean the same fate awaits the next one.

Nosara Bomberos were formed in 2009 when a group of local residents got together and decided to take action on an issue over which they knew it would be years, if ever, before the government provided assistance. Thus was born a local firefighting service which along with the police and paramedics have gone on to represent the bedrock of community safety, reassurance and stability. In a short space of time the fire-fighters were very well known in the community. This became both a blessing and a curse. Although they were happy to be of service, the fact that the bomberos consisted for the most part of non-salaried, volunteer family men and women, some with full time jobs represented a problem. The problem

Photo: Voz De Guanacaste

they still face today is the same issue they faced during the many days fighting the fires on the mountains of Garza, and fighting every fire they ever attend – a critical lack of even the most basic supplies, and in short, a severe lack of funding. Despite this huge resource deficit it hasn’t stopped them from performing this vital community service. Veteran Bomberos now know full well to bring their own gear – including goggles, bandanas, and even garden hoses on call outs. However they still need help from the community!

If you wish to help out the firefighters, and keep this vital community service operating in the most efficient way possible there is two ways to proceed. Firstly you can donate to their organization by clicking this link and following instructions. Second, and just as importantly is to read and implement the steps outlined below.

1 – Be responsible for your trash and bonfires, particularly in the dry season when high winds still occur frequently despite beautiful weather.

2 – Make sure a campfire or beach bonfire is fully doused before leaving it

3 – If you or any of your friends or associates decide to buy real estate in nosara, then use Nosara Realty collective as you brokerage service. A huge portion of our brokerage fee goes back into assisting the Nosara Bomberos, along with a range of other vital community projects with funding they desperately need.

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