lkjfNosara Realty Collective is a Nosara based real estate brokerage. Our small team consists of seasoned local real estate professionals with two passions: Customer satisfaction and the community. We are committed to finding buyers the property they seek while changing lives and helping to build a stronger community. We achieve the first by working closely with our network of local real estate connections. We achieve the second by ensuring that Nosaras rapid economic growth benefits all aspects of the local community, from education to environmental protection, and much more.


lkugkhgf.pngWe connect buyers with local realtors selected on the strength of their property portfolios, reputations, performance, and customer satisfaction record. After your real estate agent has guided you towards a successful closing we take a portion of the agents commission as our brokerage fee. The money we receive is allocated in two ways:

  1. We return a significant portion of the entire property sale price to local organizations and community projects of the buyers choosing.
  2. We return 1% of the value of the entire property sale price to either the buyer or the person who referred the buyer. For buyers this could mean anything from covering closing costs, a brand new kitchen, or even donating this money back to the community if they so choose. For the referrer this amounts to double the standard referral commission paid anywhere else. Please refer to our FAQs section for further info.


ljhghkgf.pngIt’s actually more of a question of “why not?” and the answer is simple. Choosing to work with Nosara Realty Collective is a win-win situation for all involved. The property buyer comes away with the home of their dreams and a sense of pride having helped areas of the community that need it most. The person who refers the buyer earns good money. The realtor gets paid what’s rightfully owed to them, and the community projects receive much needed funds to sustain themselves. 


The place we love, and the town we are proud to call home – Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, and the Nosara area. We work where you work. We live where you live. Our community is your community.



If you’re a home buyer or a client referrer wishing to take advantage of all we offer then get in touch and we’ll take it from there.